All you need to know about patches, and even more – plus 12 of our favorites

We are madly glad , that in the world of beauty appeared patches , it’s a real godsend for those , who goes late , forget to apply the cream on the under-eye area, and notably for the night swells. Yes , it is the express agent , the effect of which is noticeable immediately and does not act so long ( though there are other patches , action is cumulative – more about it read the article), but we buy them and are very fond of , because sometimes , not applying the mask , do not go out of the house. We decided to tell you about all the patches , we know ourselves , and show off your favorites.

Varieties of patches

Classify patches can be at the same time according to their purpose , structure and material ,from which they are made. We decided to disassemble them according to the last criterion.

Fabric patches  are made of cotton fiber , so they can be bought in the budget segment. You should not expect a lifting effect from them , but moisturizing and help with puffiness is quite. To make them work even better , put them in the refrigerator before use. Also, in the formula of tissue patches are sometimes added pearlescent particles , to blue under the eyes less noticeable.

Cellular Performance Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalizing Pads, Sensai
Glow Eye Patch, Erborian

Cellular Performance Extra Intensive 10 Minute Revitalizing Pads, Sensai

Silicone patches are mainly used not as a care , but as a protection of the lower eyelid when staining eyelashes or bright eye makeup , so that the pigment does not crumble.

The most popular patches are hydrogel patches , which contain a generous dose of hyaluronic acid. It is them who like to produce Korean brands in plastic jars in large quantities – about 60 pieces. You should not expect a miracle from them , but you will definitely get a generous hydration and temporary smoothing of wrinkles. Gold , antioxidants, and peptides are often added to formulas for additional functions. And the coolest thing – they can be ” glued” not only on the under-eye area , but also on the forehead , and nasolabial folds. Important ( !): Patches with hydrogel should not be used for edema , as they can only strengthen them.

Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer, Chanel
Advanced Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl, Lancôme
Patch Pro Hydro Gel Eye Patch, Pro Makeup Laboratory

Le Lift Flash Eye Revitalizer, Chanel

And most recently, the industry appeared microneedle patches that promise to the effect ,similar to the result after mesotherapy course: smoothing skin and improving its elasticity. Why are they called microneedle? Because of their surface are very small needles , which pierce the skin , increasing the efficiency of the formula. After taking the course of 4-6 “Procedures”, you will notice , that they perform all that , they promise. The Russian brand Blom there are several types of patches: for example , those , that with vegetable caffeine , helps to remove swelling and with succinic acid – a blue under the eyes. Separately, we note their holographic design – luxury!

Microneedle Eye Patches Moisturizing & Smoothing, Blom
Microneedle Eye Patches "From Bruising Under the Eyes," Blom
Microneedle Eye Patches "From Swelling Under the Eyes", Blom

Microneedle Eye Patches Moisturizing & Smoothing, Blom

How to use them?

It is not necessary to store patches in the refrigerator , but if you want to get a decongestant effect, it is still advisable to cool them.

Many people ask – which side to glue them? We answer: depending on your needs , there are no rules. For example , if you need to remove dark circles under the eyes or swelling , then glue them with the wide side to the inner corner of the eye. If the main goal is to minimize wrinkles ,then the glue, on the contrary, with the wide side to the outer corner.

Gluing patches , you can do everything , whatever you want , if they do not slip at any convenient opportunity ( such patches have , yes!). Just remember , that means you need to keep as much time , as indicated on the packaging: This is usually 10 to 40 minutes. It does not make sense to hold longer , since all the beneficial substances have already been absorbed.

To remove the ” mask” you need in the direction from the nose to the temples. And in no case after that, do not wash yourself – just drive the remnants of the product into the skin with patting movements.