Can You Wash Your Hair With Body Wash?

There is so much fuss around hair maintenance today! Lots of products are advertised on TV and in mass media, and we are convinced that only the care substances designed for the hair specifically can be safely applied onto our locks.

However, some of us can face the situation when we have no hair care products by hand and the only way to wash the mane is to go for a body wash. Will that be safe to do? 

Is It OK to Use Body Wash to the Hair?

Is It OK to Use Body Wash to the Hair?

To wash or not to wash? This Shakespear-style question is asked every time one needs to go and wash the hair but suddenly it appears the there is no shampoo left! In the worst case, you will find it out when being already in a shower cabin with your head totally soaked.

So can we reach for the body wash instead? Well, let’s see what distinctions and similarities these two kinds of products have first.

  1. The shampoo is designed for deep-cleaning the tresses and removing the greasy build-up from the hair and scalp. It contains surfactants that work like cleaning agents, and also some conditioning components are included.
  2. The body wash, on the contrary, is less suitable for performing the deep cleaning since it contains less harsh ingredients that are meant for the skin which is somewhat more sensitive than the hair.

Except for that distinction, body washes do have very similar content since these substances also consist of surfactants and conditioning additives.

So, in terms of use, the body wash can be applied as a cleansing substance to wash the hair. However, I would not expect the same brilliant effect that the shampoo would have if used. Perhaps, the locks will have to be soon re-washed again with a proper product.

How to Pick Up Shampoo Correctly

How to Pick Up Shampoo Correctly

We all know that stuff: you enter the store to buy shampoo, and then you freeze in front of the shelves filled with all sorts of this product being unable to choose what you need.

Indeed, it can be difficult to figure out what shampoo is best for us, this is why I’d like to offer you a brief overview of the products and hair types that they will fit.

Hair typeShampooConditioner
Dry/DamagedRich shampoos with keratin and/or camelina oilMoisturizing conditioners with proteins and botanical actives
FineGentle products with thickening components (e.g. panthenol) and advanced polymersLightweight formulas with strand-swelling botanical extracts
Curly/Wavy/ThickRich frizz-busting shampoos with botanical extracts Products with natural oils/plant extracts and frizz-reducing effect
CoarseSuper-hydrating and creamy formulasExtra-moisturizing conditioners
ColoredMild, sulfate and paraben-free color-safe products with a hydrating effect Color-protective, with no sulfates, with moisturizing effect
DullShampoos with glutamic acid and/or citrus pulpProducts with shine-magnifying abilities and proteins

So now you are informed about how the body washes and shampoo work on our tresses, and whether it is OK to go for the body-washing stuff to cleanse the locks. Also, you learned what kinds of shampoo and conditioning agents fit different types of hair. 

With this information in mind, it will be simpler for you not only to pick up the right care products for your mane but also to decide for yourself whether to go for a body wash to cleanse the mane or not.