Can Albino People Dye Their Hair?

Albino people have always been in the center of everyone’s attention because of their white hair and very pale skin. Respectively, other people always wondered whether certain things that they do are available for the albinos as well. Coloring hair is one of them.

So can albinos change the color of their locks or they can not? 

Will Hair Dye Set On Albino’s Hair?

Will Hair Dye Set On Albino’s Hair?

Some say it will perfectly because the white locks of these people are like white paper: you can paint whatever you want on it. Others argue saying that naturally white tresses will not hold the pigment and it will either be washed away too soon or there will be no effect at all from the very beginning.

Where is the truth? Well, I would say it is somewhere in between. To give a precise answer to this inquiry, we must clarify first what kind of albinism we are talking about.

Yes, that’s right, you got it correct: this specific feature has several different types, and they are not all about white.

  • There are so-called “traditional” albinos with white hair, pale skin, discolored eyebrows, and lashes, and very light eyes.
  • Some albinos have light-blue eyes and white hair.
  • Others can be blonde with blue eyes.
  • And finally, there are even albinos who have normal hair colors like black or brown and light-colored eyes!

Hanging upon these distinctions, it will be reasonable to state that dark-haired or blonde albinos can dye their locks just like you and me would do. However, those white-haired guys might have certain problems when deciding to change their color type:

  1. The final color may become significantly stronger on the locks than it was expected. It can happen because the dye is usually manufactured to set on the hair that has the base color. So on white tresses, the shade can turn out to be way bolder or brighter.
  2. If you are a so-called “traditional” albino, you will also have to color the eyebrows and the lashes, otherwise, you will look odd. However, if the plan is to shock the folks a bit, why not?
  3. Beware of skin allergies and other nasty reactions. Since albinos often have way more sensitive skin than other people, dealing with the harsh chemicals the dye contains might be harmful to them. 

To avoid any bad aftermath, they are better to make use of the dyes that have a vegetable base since they are safer.

What Makes Albinos Look Like That

What Makes Albinos Look Like That

Definitely, this specific of one’s appearance can’t be missed, and most of you probably wondered why a child is born albino. 

To begin with, this is not an illness. Albinism happens as a result of a defect in one of the genes that are responsible for the production or distribution of melanin (the element that creates color). 

In certain cases, such a defect leads to the absence of melanin production, in others, this production is significantly reduced. 

Depending on that, albinos can have no pigment at all (white hair, pale skin, and light eyes), or they can have a reduced amount of it (blonde and dark-haired albinos with light eyes).

Such defective genes pass down to a child from both parents which results in albinism.

Now I hope it became clearer how the things are with albinos and hair dye. Apparently, for the white-haired people, this procedure will be more bothersome which implies certain restrictions and precaution measures.