5 best dry shampoos of this year

Despite the fact , that we live in the era of digital is , when food can be ordered or cause of cleaning service at the house at the touch of a button , the hot water still off. And if you , like us , reluctant to heat water in a kettle , to wash your hair with the help of a pitcher , we advise to pay attention to our selection of dry shampoo , which not only replaces the conventional shampoo , but also give the volume at the roots , freshen the styling and paint over gray hair . With such helpers, you can easily stay out of the bathroom for a week. PS : you should still go to the shower regularly.

Water Killer , EVO

This dry shampoo is a bomb! It not only absorbs sebum , textures the hair in length and gives an easy fixation , but also masks gray hair or regrown roots. It contains dark pigments ( pay attention to the bottle should mark – brunette / bruns), which are colored and then , that you want to hide.

Fresh.Hair , Kevin. Murphy

One of the strongest dry shampoos that will instantly cleanse your hair , even if you haven’t washed your hair for three days. And yes , no white stains and no raids. And he adds volume to the roots and neutralizes unpleasant odors , for example , from cigarettes , which are so fond of absorbing hair.

Gold Lush , Oribe

Professional stylists are crazy about this dry shampoo. He can do so many things: cleans ,raises hair at the roots , renews styling , and also strengthens hair , makes it soft to the touch ,as it contains bamboo and rice fibers. If you see this miracle in the store , then take it without hesitation.

Shampure , Aveda

Despite the fact , that this dry shampoo has a texture powder , it does not contain talc , which clogs the pores ( his place was taken by powder from minerals). In general, Shampure consists of 99.8% natural ingredients. Of the merits of this shampoo we highlight some , it instantly refreshes and updates the styling , and also gives the hair a pleasant aroma.

Dry Shampoo , Moroccanoil

Another dry shampoo , which combines the properties of the paint , leveling regrown roots or gray hair. Before you buy be sure to look , what the inscription on the bottle: Light Tones – for blondes , and Dark Tones – for brunettes. And yes , as with all Moroccanoil products , there are oils , in particular argan , which moisturizes the hair , making it silk.

Morning After Dust , L’Oréal Professional

This is the first professional dry shampoo for home use. Firstly , Morning After Dust is alcohol-free , leaves no white residue and does not cause irritation even on sensitive skin. Secondly , it removes grease from the roots and freshens the hair , after which they look clean for 96 hours. Thirdly , it gives the hair a pleasant aroma.

Pillow Proof Blow Dry , Redken

If you need a universal dry shampoo that is suitable for all types of hair , quickly cleanses and refreshes hair , and also extends hair styling by 48 hours , then Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry is better not to find.

Dry Me , Wella Professionals

The distinctive ability Dry Me is , that he gives a dizzying volume at the roots and matt texture on the length of hair. To clean , by the way , he did not forget.

BB ( Beautiful Base) Instant Reset , System Professional

Since I have to face BB creams , which solve several problems at once ( hide nedostaka ,moisturize and give a person shines), then the hair has to be something similar. Here , for example , powdery spray or dry shampoo Professional BB System ( Beautiful Base) Instant Reset , which absorbs sebum to the root zone and scalp , does not weigh down the hair and refreshing hairstyle.

Four Dry Reasons Black Edition Invisible Dry Shampoo , KC Professional

This fighter of the invisible front ( no white particles and spots) in the blink of an eye cleanses the scalp , gives volume and tightens hair, not only at the roots , but along the entire length.

Hair Mania Dry Shampoo , Kemøn

Kemøn Hair Mania Dry Shampoo works , like a clock: in a few minutes he got rid of greasy ,which appears at the root of the head , give volume and refresh hair. And no more!

By Be You Volumizing Dry Shampoo , Framesi

The very name of this dry shampoo says , he will provide you hilar volume. The obligatory program also includes cleansing without white marks , lightness and texturing of hair.

Dry shampoo 3 in 1 , Nivea

Its bottle says so directly – Have a great hair day! By the way , this is the first dry shampoo ,which was released by Nivea brand. Means gently cleanses , without irritating the scalp , gives hair volume and a pleasant floral-citrus fragrance for the day.

Dry Shampoo Fresh It Up , Got2b

Another novelty , but this time from Got2b is Fresh It Up dry shampoo , which promises ( and keeps its promise) to quickly cleanse the scalp without water , leaving no trace ( white!), And give a cool volume to the roots. And this spray has a light fruity aroma.