Neon and Wine Smokey: 10 Best Kylie Jenner Makeups

Over the years the taste of the girl , fortunately , has changed , and makeup became more creative and bright. We advise you to take note!

Focus on the inner corner of the eye

One of the most trends of the season in makeup is a bright emphasis on the inner corner of the eye. Suspect , that fashion it came just because Kylie Jenner , who has posted in his “Instagrame” photo with yellow shades , and fans of the girls immediately began to repeat the makeup. If you do not dare to do something similar , then start with color highlighters , which only at a certain angle “ show” their true color. Combine with brown smoky eyes and classic black arrows – a win-win.

Pink smokey with a twist

One of the best advertising campaigns Kylie Cosmetics came out just the other day , and it is dedicated to the new Birthday Collection , dedicated to the birthday. You won’t surprise anyone with pink shadows , so Ariel Tejada , Kylie’s makeup artist , decided to diversify them with a metallic green eyeliner.

Palm trees and shining sand

Green shades in eye makeup are the main trend of the upcoming season. Stamps are actively adding these shadows to new palettes , and Kylie Cosmetics is no exception. Jenner, Jr. decided to not only release a palette , but also to show everyone , how to use it – a smart move. Who would have thought , that green goes well with pink , is not it? ..

Orange sunset

Bronze-brown smokey , as it turned out , can be diluted not only with gold , but also with neon-orange color. And instead of arrows, make graphic lines just above the fold of the century and emphasize the water line – it looks really very cool and unusual!


Playing on contrasts of textures is another trend: matte bright lips and glossy eyelids of neutral brown color. Yes , if you put shine on your eyelids , the shadows roll up , but this will only add grunge.

Wine – new black

Previously , everyone was afraid of red shadows , but now they have become much better treated. When used correctly, they do not look tired and sick: the main thing is to dye the inter-eyelash space and eyelashes with black mascara in several layers.

Basic Kylie

Brown smoky eyes and beige matte lips have been Kylie Jenner’s classic makeup for several years. It looks win-win , especially in combination with luxurious long platinum-colored hair.

Photo: Instagram