How to Get Rid Of Pink Hair After Bleaching

Discoloring hair is a complicated procedure that is very stressful to our tresses. It requires a lot of skill from the colorist because quite often certain unpredictable effects may happen. For instance, when your hair gets suddenly pink.

Ever had that trouble? Then this brief pink-removal guide is exactly what you need to cope with that issue if it ever happens again!

Pink Hue Removal Step By Step

If you ever had to deal with the pinkish hue on the locks, then you know for sure how stubborn it is, and how difficult it is removed. Simple bleaching will not usually help much, but it doesn’t mean it is time to panic and grab the scissors.

Indeed, pink shades like purple or fuchsia are extremely tenacious and you won’t get rid of those that easy. However, the goal can be achieved if you follow all the steps of the color-removal procedure precisely:

  1. Get all the supplies ready: clarifying shampoo to remove the pinkness, hair bleach (30-volume developer and bleaching powder) in case the shampooing won’t be enough, green toner, and green toning shampoo to neutralize any traces of the pink color.
  2. On wet hair, apply the clarifying shampoo, leave it for five to ten minutes, and rinse off. After rinsing, check the locks: if no pinkness is left, proceed to the next step. But if you still see any pinkish areas, repeat the procedure: clarifying shampoo is OK to be used for two or even three times in a row since it doesn’t damage hair.

Also, shampooing is better to be done out of the shower since this product is rather smelly.

  1. Once all the pink hue is deleted, dry and detangle the locks, and proceed to bleach. Prepare the bleaching mixture by combining the powder and the developer until you get the even and homogeneous substance.

Apply that onto the strands starting from the hair tips since they contain the most pigment and finishing at the roots. 

Let the substance sit on the locks for ten to twenty minutes (not more!) checking how it’s going on there. After twenty minutes, wash the hair with plenty of lukewarm aqua.

  1. Again, dry and detangle the locks, and go for a green toning stage. After mixing green toner and 20-volume developer according to the instruction, apply the substance onto the mane moving from the ends to the roots.

Let it sit for a maximum of 10 minutes, otherwise, your hair will turn green, and wash the toner off.  

Like that, you will manage to get rid of that pinkness on the blonde bleached locks quite easily.

A Bit About Further Maintenance

Pink shades are very tricky on hair and they can reappear even after all this work was done! To avoid that, I’d recommend shifting your regular shampoo for the toning alternative. It can be applied daily or every other day just like an ordinary product: just leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse. Like that, no pink color will show up on your locks.