Does Coconut Oil Remove Hair Dye?

Coconut oil is very multipurpose stuff: we can use it for cooking instead of the traditional sunflower or another vegetable oil to add more sweety aroma to the food. Or we can apply it to our locks to nourish them and make shinier and thicker.

However, if you have ever tried this natural product on your hair, you could notice that it washes out pretty difficult, besides, a sort of residue often remains on the tresses.

Because of these and other issues, the owners of dyed locks started wondering whether applying coconut oil on colored mane will be OK with the dye.

How Coconut Oil Affects Hair Dye?

How Coconut Oil Affects Hair Dye?

Everyone knows that colored tresses need special attention and care, and they can’t be treated like the uncolored ones. More delicate treatment, specific maintenance products, all is meant for providing the hair with gentle care.

Since coconut oil is a well-known beauty product of natural origin, it may seem to be useful to apply it onto the colored strands since, as we all know, hair gets damaged after the exposure to chemicals when dyeing.

And despite the rumors about the possible harm this product may cause to the pigment on the treated hair, the result of its application will rather be the opposite:

  • Coconut oil reduces the loss of protein if we use it as a pre-wash and after wash remedy and grooming product.
  • Due to the specifics of its chemical formula, coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair and diffuse inside its shaft. This means it will be more effective compared to some other oils that only stay on the surface of the tresses.
  • This product is a great remedy for preventing hair damage. Exactly what is needed for the freshly dyed locks!

So no, coconut oil will cause no damage to the colored strands. However, some other factors can lead to this unwanted effect.

What Can Cause Dye to Fade?

What Can Cause Dye to Fade?

Colored tresses are very sensitive and fragile being especially prone to harmful external factors. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to pay attention to all the nuances when it comes to such a common problem as dyed hair color fading.

Instead of blaming the oil you are using to treat your locks, let’s first recall what else can lead to them losing color.

  1. Exposure to chlorine. Swimming pools are the worst enemies of the freshly dyed tresses. And even the harsh water in your shower can do its nasty job! Wearing a shower/swimming cap can save the situation.
  2. Sunlight. Yeah, dyed locks are like vampires: they don’t like the light. So if you spend a lot of time outdoor under the sun, ensure you wear a hat or a cap to shade the mane.
  3. Frequent shampooing. No need to explain why: if you wash the dyed hair daily, don’t be surprised when you see the color starts bleeding out.
  4. Wrong products can also be the reason. Aggressive shampoos that are not meant for the colored hair can cause the same damage as the factors listed above. So shift for the color-protective alternatives.

And don’t be afraid to make use of coconut oil! In fact, it can become your hair care staple.