6 rules for a perfect tan

Natural tanning has many advantages. Firstly , it is beautiful ( if it does not peel off evenly). Secondly , under the sun, the body actively produces serotonin , and vitamin D is useful for bones , teeth and skin. But in order to avoid the risks ,associated with the improper use of sunlight , it is important to remember a few rules.

Uniform roasting: 6 rules for a perfect tan


1. Do not sunbathe in the solarium

Yes , it’s inexpensive and the color is good. But UV lamps in the solarium do not shine correctly – mostly UVA rays , but there are almost no useful UVBs. The risk of getting skin cancer rises by as much as 75%.

2. Choose the right cream

Do not rely only on the level of protection , on the package. Pay attention to the range of protection, or at least to the UVA mark. In addition , the cream layer must be regularly updated ,even if you do not bathe.

3. Know , how much time do you need

After a certain time the skin is not physically able to give more melanin – the pigment , which generates and tan. Therefore, there is no point in spending the night and spending the night by the pool. The term is individual – on average it is 2-3 hours a day , after which the sun’s rays are only harmful.

4. Take breaks

Then your tan will be more even and last longer.

5. Sunblocks do not work

Nothing , that is applied to the skin , does not cause the body to produce melanin active. But taking beta-carotene inward will help. It enhances the skin’s natural defense against ultraviolet radiation , and the skin will tan more strongly.

6. Eat right

Some products help boost lycopene , a skin’s own UV protection. This antioxidant is found in red and orange fruits and vegetables and increases the level of protection against solar radiation by a third! It is also beneficial to give the body polyphenols – for example , in the form of green tea. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that prevent burns , and caffeine reduces the risk of skin cancer.