Notes of the evil makeup artist: budget cosmetics, which will give odds to the luxury

Now , to look like a million , you need to invest no less than yourself. What is luxury cosmetics worth , the price tag of which starts at an average of 15$ … But we found an alternative to expensive mascara , foundation and lipstick among mass-market brands that will significantly save your budget. However, they are not inferior to luxe-brands or as , any resistance. So why pay more ?!


Olesya Popova , an independent makeup artist: “Over the past few years, the prices for luxury cosmetics have doubled , and salaries , unfortunately , the majority have remained at the same level. Now , in order for a girl to collect a decent basic beauty case , she needs to at least “sell a kidney”. What to do , when the cosmetics stands as an aircraft wing , but want to look good?

Luxury cosmetics brands , as a rule , belong to the same corporation , as the mass-market. And all the products are produced by the same factories. The main difference in most cases in the design and quality of packaging , slightly cheaper fragrances and a little in the composition. But by and large, decorative mass-market and luxury cosmetics are very similar in their properties. And when there is no difference , it’s stupid to give half a salary for a tube of foundation. In this regard, I offer several budget beauty products , which I constantly use , which can become a worthy replacement for expensive ones. ”

Makeup Basics

Immediately I say , that I have a small fan base for makeup. If the skin does not have any serious problems and pronounced deficiencies , then there is no need for a database. Main ,you need to do , to lay a good foundation – is how to moisturize the skin. Therefore, the base can be , for example , L’Oréal Paris butter  Luxury food” ( about 550 rubles). It can easily replace luxury analogues. In general , MAC Cosmetics , Clinique , Manly Pro , Smashbox and many other brands. But in terms of price and quality, L’Oréal Paris is the best option. This multifunctional tool , which ( most importantly!) The effect nourished , radiant , healthy skin. It is perfect for owners of normal and dry skin. A variant of its use for the lazy: mix the oil with your foundation. But personally, I prefer another way: drop a couple of drops in the palm of your hand , warm them and apply on the face with massaging movements. Fashionable “ wet skin” is provided for you.

Or the second option – a base for makeup Maybelline New York Master Prime ( about 570 rubles). It provides additional moisture , if you do enough daily care , as well as increases the resistance of tonal resources. In a word , this is a worthy universal tool at a great price.


Among my favorites for tonal products are three options: Maybelline New York Superstay 24h ,NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat and Lumene CC Cream. The first two are a bit like my favorite Make Up For Ever Ultra HD tone. In addition , Maybelline New York Superstay 24h ( about 610 rubles) provides medium to dense coverage , ideal for owners of oily or oily skin. It is very persistent and perfectly covers all the flaws , but it remains invisible ,creating the effect of satin-matte skin. What reminds aforementioned HD.

The second analogue is the tone NYX Professional Makeup Stay Matte But Not Flat ( about 450 rubles), in my opinion , is more suitable for girls with dry or prone to dry skin. Since it gives ,despite the name , a wetter effect , and also varies more in terms of density. It can be applied in a dense layer , or it can be stretched to as light as possible. Also, it is well fixed on the skin and does not run away anywhere throughout the day. But , depending on the properties of the skin , it may begin to shine a little in the evening.

As for fans of a very light coating and barely noticeable tonal means , then in this area out of competition ( at least for me) is the coolest tone of Lumene CC Cream (about 1100 rubles). It costs a little more expensive , than other means of mass market , but on the properties and the fact , it looks like the skin , it fully justifies its price. Since it is stressful with decent tonal bases with a light texture in budget brands , this SS cream looks absolutely natural on the skin – it turns out to be a fashionable make-up without makeup , but at the same time it evens out the complexion , mask defects , moisturizes , protects from the negative effects of sunlight and is suitable for all skin types.


And again, one of the leading positions is occupied by the Maybelline New York Fit Meconcealer for the skin around the eyes ( about 330 rubles), which is very similar in properties and coating to the famous Prolong from MAC Cosmetics. It lies very well , blocks any redness ,does not roll and holds well. By the way , it can also be used as a foundation and applied to the entire face. It has a convenient applicator for application and a great price.

Second concealer , which has to be you – is Vivienne Sabo Idéal Sublimé Concealer ( about 200 rubles). It is much lighter in texture , slightly highlights the skin under the eyes. Due to its weightlessness it is very good for daily use , plus it is perfectly layered.

A worthy replacement for an expensive palette of color correctors and highlighters – Maybelline New York Master Camo ( about 750 rubles). Its the Most winning option – tone Light , which fits all. This creamy dense product has a bold texture ( let it not scare you!). It is better not to find , if you need color correction or you’re a fan konturinga , Kim Kardashian.

Powder is a disappointment. In my opinion , the situation with it in the mass market is the most deplorable. In any case , I did not come across anything with a decent composition and properties.

Sculpting Tools

If you are a fan of contouring ( although this is all the last century) and love to emphasize or draw cheekbones not with dry , but with cream means , then you just can not do without a double-sided stick with NYX Professional Makeup Wonder Stick highlighter ( from 680 rubles). True , the only adequate cold shade in the line is Light , and the rest are given to yellowness. It can be used to match the tone , if you are afraid to overdo it , or on top of the tonal basis. It is easy to apply , it blends well with your fingers , and for daily use it has no competitors.

And for dry sculpting, the mono-blush NYX Professional Makeup High Definition in a Taupe shade ( about 590 rubles) is suitable . They have a large palette of colors , so they are ideal for girls with fair skin , which is very difficult to find the right color blush skulpturiruyuschih. A more classic version of the dry sculptor is also a very suitable color and with excellent properties – Estrade Mon Secret in shade No. 201 ( about 200 rubles).

Eyebrow Products

That is , on what you can easily save , because in recent years in this segment there are more worthy of BROU-funds of all possible kinds and shades. Cool transparent gels eyebrow at Viviene Sabo Fixateur ( 200 rubles), with the correct color shades and brush , imparts additional volume , in L’Etoile Selection ( about 650 rubles). Cool pencils at  Rimmel London (about 300 rubles), and the most persistent lipstick for eyebrows at  Bourjois Brow Pomade(about 440 rubles). The main thing here is to find the most suitable shade and texture for you.


Here the situation is more complicated. Shadows from the mass market in most cases are much less pigmented , showered more strongly and have a less interesting color palette. Therefore, you need to choose them more carefully and be sure to use the base ( this will facilitate application and extend durability). In terms of texture and color, you can find some good Monoten shades from  Estrade (about 145 rubles). In addition , successful options are often found in ready-made pallets , such as Maybelline New York The Nudes ( about 600 rubles).

With cream shadows, the situation is slightly better. My biggest love is cream shadows from Bobbi Brawn , but it’s a luxury. The coolest in the mass market ( and hello again!) – Maybelline New York Color Tattoo, especially in beige , pink and brown shades – they can be used as a base under the shade. And they look cool in daytime makeup. And with dark shades, you can draw arrows , use instead of eyeliner, even on the mucosa. It is better to apply them with your finger , a thinner and lighter layer is obtained. Shades of Color Tattoo hold well for 24 hours or more.

The effect of a fashionable wet eyelid for light daytime smoky will help to create cream Oriflame The One cream eye shadow ( about 500 rubles). Brown and beige shades are well shaded with your finger. The only thing is that they are not very resistant , but they are convenient to carry and easy to fix during the day.


Mascara – it is , it’s worth buying just in the mass-market. Since after three months , according to the rules of operation , it will still have to be thrown away. The best-selling mascara is , ofcourse , Vivienne Sabo Cabaret (about 260 rubles). She has in the arsenal , perhaps , each make-up artist. The second classic option , which is also one of the best in its business, is Maybelline New York Lash Sensational mascara ( about 560 rubles).

Eyeliners and pencils

All girls love arrows , so eyeliner is one of the most necessary tools in a cosmetic bag. The most accurate and beautiful lines are obtained using a brush and gel eyeliner , which can be drawn with Maybelline New York Lasting Drama ( about 625 rubles) or with their own Master Dramakayel pencil ( about 300 rubles). By the way , this is the love of many bloggers. Pencil indecent resistant , superpigmentirovanny , very soft and easily shaded.

Identical properties , shades and textures of the popular MAC Cosmetics Coffee pencil and brown pencil from  H&M ( about 300 rubles).


This is a must have for daily makeup. It is indispensable for creating the effect of shiny , fresh and rested skin , as well as for contouring and strobing. Highlighters can be divided into dry and cream. The former create the effect of radiance with the help of sparkles in the composition ( the finer the grinding , the more delicate the radiance). The second – create a moist effect on the skin and look more delicate. Among the budget highlighters, I like the cream stick essense Holo Wow (about 235 rubles). The palette has many different shades , but the coolest pink. Superkruto looks , if it is to put your fingers on top of tonal resources. And also this brand has a cool dry face highlighter Go For The Glow in shade number 1 ( about 450 rubles). With its help, an unobtrusive radiance appears on the face , as after the Lime Crime highlighters.


Matte lipsticks, due to their stamina and unusual finish, revolutionized lip make-up. They are especially popular in the cold season. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and find the most comfortable shade for yourself. To date, the beauty industry has a huge number of budget versions , for example , NYX Professional Makeup , Nouba and Maybelline New York ( each cost about 500 rubles).

Remember , that any cosmetic product is much more important properties , and not the packaging. In general , if desired , your daily makeup will not cost you economic losses. And with proper application, the difference is unlikely to be detected even by an experienced makeup artist.