Show it to your master: 5 cool manicure ideas for your vacation

Bright creative manicure is one of the attributes of a carefree holiday. Finally, you can forget about the office dress code and decorate your nails with a fashionable design. For real creativity is recommended to contact the professionals , and not to worry about durability – better to choose a gel coating , which hold up to three weeks.

Show your master: 5 cool manicure ideas for your vacation

Together with the manicure guru , masters and technologists of the eco-friendly Korean nail brand BANDI , we came up with 5 cool ideas for you “ holiday manicure” that are worth repeating this summer!

Pop Art

It design for anyone , who wants to look spectacular and always be in the trend. Pop art style is at the peak of fashion trends for several years and is widely used in fashion , and in manicure. As a picture for pop art can be elements of comics , advertising , all kinds of packaging , logos. “In this design option, we used a combination of two popular trends: sequins and pop art design. Glitter was used as the base , and the drawing was applied only to three nails. This design option is not catchy , therefore, it’s suitable for almost any image, ”comments Nika Matveeva, BANDI technologist. In our case, hand-painted is used in the design. You can also create a picture using a special stencil with the desired drawings.

Polka dot summer

A truly summer version of manicure. Colored peas are one of the trends of this season. For those ,who like original and neizbity nail art. “This design is easy to perform at home , using the orange stick and favorite color lacquers – just puts colored dots on the diagonal. Especially for the summer version of manicure, we chose bright neon shades in combination with classic white. This nail art looks interesting and volume, including due to the fact , that is used as the base is not flat , and the translucent lavender shade, haze, “- says technologist BANDI Nick Matveeva.

All the colors of summer

At the same time, a very simple , but original design. Random colorful brush strokes are a great way to show your creative nature. “This design is also very easy to repeat at home – with the help of a semi-dry brush in the selected color is one messy smear – so , as if you were drawing with watercolor on paper. The base is boiling white , which blends perfectly with neon shades, ”comments BANDI technologist Nika Matveeva.


Where , if not on vacation , treat yourself to your favorite ice cream? Let throughout the holidays about the cool delicacy recalls the same “sweet” design. It remains to buy your favorite horn , and the perfect shot for Instagram is ready! “The base colors in the design stands the white – it we have done matt , to highlight the velvety texture. And they themselves did multicolored drops , to design looked originally, “- says technologist BANDI Bagri Khasanov.

Gucci Royal Snake

Designers at fashion shows dictate fashion not only in clothes , but also in manicure. At the peak of popularity, the trend is nails with a logo. One of the recognizable symbols of the Gucci premium brand is the famous royal snake. Such a design will appeal to connoisseurs of high fashion. Selecting a nail art , you can be sure , that no one on the beach is not like that. And if you choose a swimsuit or accessories to match – you can safely count on the title of the “ most stylish” girl of the resort! If you want , to manicure was more reserved , on the second hand can be left one-color cover.