The most fashionable hairstyles for Back-to-School trends

A new school year , a new season , a new life … In the end , even if the school line was left only in your memories , this is not a reason to deny yourself experiments with a hairstyle. For fashionable ideas, we turned to new series , popular with teenagers. More precisely , to their main characters. “Euphoria”, “Riverdale” … We advise you to prepare mentally: there will be no neat bows and smooth curls in the program.

Scythe on one side

It’s simple: you make a side part , leave the volume at the basal zone , braid a classic braid and bandage it with a thin rubber band ( or a careless bow). The beauty of ideas is , that , even without having such thick hair , you can achieve the effect of heavy braids , like Madeleine Petsh – just enough fluff weave fingers and fix the result of a light varnish .

Made in greece

Greek-style hairstyles promise to return in a new version – more daring and even a little careless. You can learn from El Fanning: the actress collects her hair , twisting it , and crowns her hair with a rim with floral motifs ( bye , summer!).

Loose hair

Those , who used to go with her hair , suitable option , as in Zendayi. The main part of the hair falls on the shoulders , and on the top of the head is built a neat tail , tied in strands. An important point: do not save time and do not turn this option into a banal “ hitch”.


Cindy Sweeney’s hairstyle is one of our favorites. On the one hand , this option is quite modest ,on the other – quite creative ( spit out of fashion), with the third – natural enough , so as not to seem pretentious ( all thanks to the released strands). Combo!

Braids + accessories

If the previous hairstyle seemed to you not enough creative , and to show your imagination oh as you want , try to repeat the image of Vanessa Morgan. The actress not only braided some of the strands into pigtails , but also decorated them with piercing in the form of rings. It looks cool with extreme colors , like Vanessa’s , and with natural shades.

Lolita 2.0

The image of Cara Delavigne refers to a teenage rebellion and evokes a rebellious spirit. It is quite possible to keep it under control , expressing yourself in beauty experiments , for example, in creating such beams. In the final, do not forget to fix her hair lacquer and fasten expression ,showing , how much do you want to go to school again.

Natural bunch

We have already said , that the light negligence is still in the trend? El Fanning’s hair tied up in a bun is proof of this. The main thing is to feel the line between the natural volume and frank roosters – and learn how to skillfully release a strand from your face.

Pigtails and length

Another option for those , who would like to sit on two chairs and braid pigtails , leaving the hair , falling down on his shoulders. Lash pigtails right on top of your head , as Lily Reinhart does.

High tail

It does not look as aggressive , both in performance Ariana Grande , but solemnly enough for daytime activities. Here you can not let out locks and forget about negligence: twist locks with a light wave , fix it well and throw it forward.

Фото: Getty Images, REX, Legion Media