10 summer beauty failures and simple ways to prevent them

Greasy shine , sunburn , styling , losing its appearance due to humidity , and 7 of our summer nightmares are a thing of the past: there are simple ways to avoid these summer troubles!

10 summer beauty failures and simple ways to prevent them

1. Greasy shine

There is a myth , that in the heat of our sebaceous glands begin to work with redoubled force , and because of this … This is not quite true. Sebaceous glands work in much the same , as in winter ,but the sweat , which is abundantly released in the heat , dissolves skin sebum , making it the number of visually larger. Therefore, do not rush to apply matting agents to the skin , it is better to carefully treat the cleansing issues. Clay masks , light scrubs and charcoal products will help smooth the surface of the skin , clean pores , and excreted fat and sweat will not lead to the formation of acne and comedones. And the gloss will remove the usual napkin.

2. Sunburn

” I apply the cream , how could I burn?” Few people know , that any ( read by syllables: any) sunscreen loses its function after 2 hours after application. So if you plan to spend more than 2 hours in the air , take sunscreen and wet wipes with you: wipe the exposed areas of your face and body and apply the cream again.

3. Acne due to SPF


Many , many complain , that creams with SPF clog pores and cause acne. In part, they are right: reliable solar filters make the texture of creams thick and oily , and you can’t wash off such creams with an ordinary “ wash”. The skin seems to be cleansed , but the particles of cream on it still remained. If you applied SPF cream to your skin , be sure to use gommage or scrub in the evening. The only way you can be sure , that the skin is completely cleansed.

4. Green hair

A clear greenish tint on blond hair is the summer scourge of all blondes. Typically culprits – chemicals , which are added to the water pools , sea salt and ultraviolet. To protect your hair , just rinse it with fresh water before bathing , and when in the sun use special SPF-sprays for hair.

5. Pot

Has your deodorant stopped working? Alas , many of the tools can not cope with the task , when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. Explore the market of long-term antiperspirants: having processed your armpits once a week before bedtime ( strictly follow the instructions), you will enjoy at least 7 days in absolute absence of smell and dry skin.

6. Floating makeup

Simple life hacking: all , you put or render , Safeguard over loose transparent powder. And the arrows – the shadows of the corresponding shade. And until the evening everything will be in place!

7. Natoptışi

Shoes with an open heel rubs the edge of the foot , even if it doesn’t hurt you , gradually the heel becomes rougher. Make it a rule to treat the skin of the feet with a nail file every time after a shower , just a little – and the pedicure master will be grateful , and the effect of the procedure will last longer.

8. Acne on the body

Replace your shower gel to an antibacterial and be careful how you can spend less time in wet clothes: after exercise immediately go into the shower , do not come back home in the form , which was engaged , if sweating on the road – the house immediately rinse and disguise , and if this trouble happened on the way to the office , go to the toilet , take off your blouse and wipe all potentially dangerous places with antibacterial wet wipes.

9. Humidity destroys styling

You won’t believe it , but if your hair reacts to moist air like that, it means that they are very dry and try to draw moisture from the air literally. Do mask , moisturizes , nourishes , softens – and you will be surprised , but your hair will keep its shape even on a rainy day!

10. Constant shaving irritates the skin of the legs.

Shave the legs only at the end of all water procedures or steam the skin: so you cut the hairs to the very root , and the effect lasts longer. Be sure to use shaving gel , not shower gel or shampoo: the gel adheres more tightly to the skin and makes it easier to slip. And , finally , is applied to a tinted cream effect his feet on a little somewhat dark skin shaving marks less noticeable.