Why you can and should use make up after 40

What is “ age makeup”?

 For some reason, in the first place, something discreet , restrained and emphasized neatly appears . Boring. So that no one would condemn anything “ such” I did not think. Even a special term has been invented – elegant age. Moreover , in this very elegant age can not just take , and apply makeup: it is necessary to think ten times , before you draw something bright , catchy , and significant. And you also need to do lifting makeup – at an elegant age they don’t do anything else.

And if you now feel something , like anger , it is a very proper feeling. Because for the most numerous , solvent ( what is there to hide) audience or advertising removed at the same young models , or on women much older. The fact that 60+ women came into fashion is incredibly cool ,and we are all happy about that. But there are practically no women from 40 to 55 in fashion photography , and this is truly unfair. Everyone needs sources of inspiration and cool role models that are similar not only in spirit , but also in age. And if you don’t start talking about it out loud ,“Out of every iron”, then a clumsy and slow industry will for a long time shoot fashion only on young faces.

Expressive cheekbones and other bonuses

With age, our face changes – and more often , for the better. If the phase of active growth of the body has successfully passed , then the redistribution of fat packets ( yes , so our volumes are called in an adult way) on the face should also be completed. And so we said goodbye to our cheeks , and we met the very cheekbones and back-cheekbones. You no longer need to draw them on purpose , but only emphasize them slightly. And believe me , they will look much more natural and clearer , than a young girl, with more children’s cheeks.

Your skin looks much better

And it’s not a joke. Almost all inflammations and other troubles went away , and wrinkles really should not be considered a problem. Let’s face it – the first wrinkles around the eyes have appeared much earlier , than in 25. You learn to see the effect of a properly sized care , better and eat right , try to sleep more. If you think , that it is ” running in place” and the effect of it is invisible – you are deeply mistaken. Even as noticeable! And if you read somewhere , that with age is better to use less makeup – try to read that sentence correctly. At your age it is NOT MANDATORY to use a lot of cosmetics 
, To look cool – this is the correct wording. And do not forget about the experience , which allows you to choose the perfect color, and are the right tools!

You no longer need to prove anything

You have developed a career , a family has appeared , goals have been set. You have , to be proud of , and you do not need to adapt to someone else’s expectations , to look great. So now is the time to wear all , what you like – and do not think about , what others will say. 
Through some 50 years, we have become accustomed to the fact , that the appearance of no boundaries , except for the imagination. It will be great to see the time , and when my grandmother , and grandfather can be painted so , how they want. And to work , and at the weekend. But you have a chance to start doing all this much earlier , and this is a great handicap. A limitless resource for pleasure and small bonuses in the form of universal admiration ( and envy).

Where to look for inspiration for interesting makeup?

How to see bright , unusual and even daring make-up on someone close in age , if there are only schoolgirls in advertising? We have found options for you for every taste , from conservative to rebellious.

Makeup artists

Alex Boxing
Kat Von D
Lisa Elridge

Alex Boxing

Among the distinguished makeup artists easily find their contemporaries and see , how will look on your face bright and saturated colors. Pay attention not to their portfolio with young models , but to the story on Instagram. Particular attention is paid LIVE: video makeup looks much closer to reality , than photos with dozens of filters. Do not be afraid to focus on professionals. Crush the internal perfectionist , who whispers: “Well, they somehow know how to paint hoo how , and you?” – Your task is to see , that bright makeup may look good on people of any age , and become bolder. Nobody needs to make the perfect picture the first time! And from the tenth – too.


Make up obsessive mom
Styled lady forever

Make up obsessive mom

Many people still do not know , that there is beauty bloggers over 49 years. And they are actually a lot , and they have , to learn. And the content will be more interesting for them. In search of useful ideas, you can browse not only individual blogs , but also websites with reviews on decorative cosmetics. If you do not spend time on the top authors with glossy photos , you can find a lot of interesting posts from simple , loving couple in the makeup people. Get accustomed to those , who puts honest Photoshop images without a ton – for it really becomes clear , like a make looks at life. Hint: choose not the most popular , glossy profiles. Give a chance to amateur photos on the phone in home lighting , from them you will get much more useful information.


Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey)
Cate Blanchett (8 Ocean Girlfriends)
Nicole Kidman (How to Talk to Girls at Parties)

Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey)

The most important thing is not to get hung up on the main characters. Take a closer look at the actresses of the second and third plan and the extras , they also make a “ regular” make-up ,which is easy to repeat. Do not be lazy to take still pictures and save them. Finding a few individuals of your type is not difficult. And how many creative make-ups can be found in science fiction films – not to count. Hint: Do not limit yourself to Hollywood movies and Netflix TV shows. In European studios, the picture is less glossy , and the faces are much more diverse. Most of the benefits can be derived from British and Italian cinema – in the first we look at the nude make , in the second you can find something abruptly. The most perky makeups hide in costume dramas ,modicum about 20’s , modicum about space.