“Plastered”: stars that are too brightly colored in real life

We understand , that the publication of the stars are painted brightly , because the camera ” eat” a lot.

We understand , that the publication of the stars are painted brightly , because the camera ” eat” a lot. However, some of the celebrities continue to be painted just as brightly in everyday life. Is it a professional habit or a sincere love for colorful images?

Christina Aguilera

Most recently, the singer first visited the capital with a tour round , and Russian concert organizers decided to give her a tour of our most popular attractions – probably , in order , so the fans were able to see: outfits and makeup in bright Christina not only on stage.

Maria Pogrebnyak

The wife of football player Pavel Pogrebnyak is famous for his selfies: on Instagram, Maria has luscious lips , and an emphasis on her eyes , and chiseled cheekbones. The girl even on  vacation do not forget to make yourself makeup and emphasize all , what you can and can not.POPULAR

Jessie nelson

Jesse is definitely the most memorable member of the popular British Girls Band Little Mix , and it’s not only in the spectacular forms of the singer and her good looks – she often resorts to the bright make-up , so , apparently , stand out against colleagues. And she comes out!

Lada Dance

It’s very difficult to find photos of the popular singer of the 1990s, Lada Dance, without makeup on the Internet – in almost all the pictures the girl has carefully summed up her eyes , eyebrows are framed , and matte lipstick is applied . A point for consistency and loyalty to yourself!

Cardi Bi

Vivid images of the rapper are an integral part of her daily life , but if in public Cardi warms up attention to her person with extravagant behavior , then in everyday life the girl draws attention to herself with the help of multi-colored stilettos , wigs and makeup. In particular, the girl likes to experiment with the eyelid make-up.

Anna Kalashnikova

Former girlfriend of Prokhor Chaliapin , model , singer , TV presenter , actress and columnist Anna Kalashnikova is also a lover of a bright make-up. Something tells us , that she supports the ideal image is always at home, and even goes with makeup – when not to shoot , ” Let them talk,” and into the limelight.


Kesha admitted more than once that she couldn’t love herself – even considered her freckles to be a drawback! – and therefore painted in the heat , and in the cold , and for concerts , and in ordinary life. On New Year’s Eve, the singer shared that she wants to learn to love herself and confirmed this selfie without a make-up , but now the star still hides freckles behind a dense layer of makeup …

Maria Rasputina

Maria Rasputina is one of the brightest pop singers of the Russian stage. This year she turned 56 years old , and she is still slim and faithful to the defiant shades in makeup. We boldly declare: the main thing is always to remain yourself.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a holiday girl: the singer does not hide that she is an optimist , and eagerly expresses this in her work ( fans even call her clips anti-stress). We think , make Katie is also a concern – we are on the scenic images , and everyday – they always zephyr pink , bright and juicy.